Natural Wood Flooring Products and Specials in Lancaster, PA

Nothing Beats Real Wood

Hardwood Floors of Lancaster has a wide variety of real wood flooring for you to choose from. Beautiful flooring possesses the ability to tie a room together, and nothing can compare to real wood options such as Brazilian Cherry or Red Oak flooring. Visit the showroom to see our many options, such as our strand bamboo or red oak flooring! Some of our most popular natural wood flooring in Lancaster, PA, includes:  
Hardwood Floors of LancasterSantos Mahogany
Hardwood Floors of LancasterRed Oak Amber
Hardwood Floors of LancasterReclaimed Heart
Hardwood Floors of LancasterMaple Natural
Hardwood Floors of LancasterHickory Natural
Hardwood Floors of LancasterBrazilian Cherry
Hardwood Floors of LancasterBirch
Hardwood Floors of LancasterMaple Auburn
Hardwood Floors of LancasterTiete Rosewood
Hardwood Floors of Lancaster

Wood Species Relative Hardness Table

To the right are listed the relative hardness for numerous wood species used in flooring. These ratings were done using the Janka Hardness Test. the higher the number the harder the wood. This should be used as a general quide when comparing various species of wood flooring. Ratings will vary from where and when a tree was obtained. The plank construction and finish play an extremely important role in the durability and ease of maintenance of any wood floor.
Hardwood Floors of Lancaster
Feel free to contact us today at 717-735-6760 to learn more about our latest offers on our real wood flooring in Lancaster, PA. We carry the best selection of natural wood flooring at unbeatable prices. Some of our best current values include:

Hickory Gunstock Solid 2 ½” $3.99 / sq. ft.

Maple Auburn 3 9/16” $2.75 / sq. ft.

Engineered Birch Flooring $2.65 / sq. ft.

Free estimates available upon request.

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